How To Make Him Miss You? – Best Guide 2021

There are many ways to make a guy miss you, but you will need proper techniques that are tried and tested, and for this, we have the perfect article for you. you will find Five techniques that will give you a definitive answer to your question “How to make him miss you”

 To be very honest the techniques mentioned in this article are far from difficult, it just requires some brainwork, if you want more comprehensive knowledge about “How to make him miss you” then give this article a read as well How to make him want you.

Coming back to how to make him miss you. here are some techniques you can use to make your partner miss your more.

How To Make Him Miss You? – Tips

How To Make Him Miss You?
  1. Stop texting Him

In this day and age texting is a common occurrence, when you miss someone or wait for someone to come online you can simply text them but, if you want your partner to miss you more then it is advised that you refrain from such act and let him wonder why haven’t you texted him.

This will surely put your partner in intrigue on why you are not texting him. Men lose interest in those people which are readily available to them. So by not texting him, you are doing yourself a favor.

  • Waiting game

You don’t want to show your men you are waiting for him. Don’t text him first let his text come to you. similarly, don’t ask or call a man out right after you meet him, make him wait this will make your partner miss you more.

This is what you want right? Him to miss you more? Then the waiting game is the perfect technique that you have to apply.

  • Always hang up first

This may look like a small and unnecessary thing but in reality, this technique can do wonders. You must become the first person that says goodbye on the phone. This way you are showing your partner that you are not dying to talk to them.

Play hard to get, this is somewhat of the law of attraction. Hanging up first will create a sense of mystery around you and your partner will be engulfed in your aura, ultimately making your man case you more to know more about you.

  • Have a signature

Always use a signature that will remind your partner of you. it can be a simple dialogue or your favorite dish. Whenever your partner looks at that dish or hears that dialogue he will miss you more, for example, mention that you like cheesecake a lot,

And when your man goes to a restaurant and sees a cheesecake there, he will defiantly think of you and miss you. A perfume or particular smell can play an important role in revoking your partner’s memory.

  • Don’t give away everything about you.

You may be very comfortable with your partner and you may feel like you can share everything her him, but we will advise you not to share any details with him yet. Most men love to be surprised, you need to tell your story day by day.

 This is what keeps a man interested and coming back for more.


In this article, we have talked about five techniques that will make sure your partner will miss you more. If you are still interested in more techniques then above-mentioned article How to Make him miss you will do wonders for you.

Take our words for it once you apply these techniques then your question about “How to make him miss you” will be answered permanently.