Which Kilt Pattern Should I Choose?

If you’re not knowledgeable about Scottish traditions and history, it’s easy to fall into believing that kilt designs were only for aesthetic purposes.

In reality the traditional scottishkiltcollection.com kilt style is extremely symbolic and comes significant significance.

What Does A Kilt Pattern Actually Mean?

Many centuries ago, the kilt was only worn by the Highlanders of Scotland. In the mountains, there were many clans that were composed of several families. Each clan had distinctive tartans which distinct them from other rival clans. The tartans played a significant role in making it clear who was the other clansman.

As time passed, the kilt grew and was adopted first from the “lowlanders’ and later, all over the globe. As it’s evolved some tartans have fallen out, and new designs were created for the kilt. Some of them are still inscribed with centuries of family history and tradition while others were created to be in line with the latest trends and fashions.

Which Kilt Pattern Should You Wear?

There is a long-standing tradition of Scots of wearing your family’s clan kilt. If you’ve got a solid lineage of Scottish blood in your family, it is likely you’ll be able trace it back to a specific clan or tartan of your family. It is possible to make use of the internet to search the tartan of your family make sure you use variations in spelling since the names of families change over time.

Another crucial aspect to consider when looking for your family’s kilt patterns will be whether or not your family is a sept’. “Septs” were families that were part of a specific clan due to their loyalty to the battle field. This also meant that these families were able to wear identical tartan.

Are There Other Options?

Of course, not all people can claim a specific tartan pattern. There are plenty of people who may have a family tartan but prefer to not wear the tartan. If you’re looking to buy a kilt that is stylish for special occasions, there is a wide range of tartans that are suitable for all.

In actuality, the vast majority of people wearing Kilts are wearing the one or more of them. The most well-known kilt designs include those of the Royal Stewart, the Blackwatch as well as the Modern Green Douglas and the Spirit of Scotland.

Don’t be too concerned about picking the right tartan.┬áIn reality, the most appropriate tartan you choose is what that you find most comfortable in wearing.

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